Country: Belgium


Biography The story about Roma As a teenager, Roma loved going out and havingfun with his friends. But still, dancing all night long wasn’t his style. Sure it wasfun, but he soon realized that he wanted something more.

He wanted to control the audience. Roma started his career in 2001 by playing small gigs. Standingbehind turntables is one thing, but having access to the right people and coolclubs is something different.

Soon it would become clear that this DJ had some remarkable skills. Using his mixing talents and his excellent choice of records, his performances didn’t stay unnoticed very long. Only a year later “FEVER” hada new resident DJ. This ultimate Antwerp party experience reached over 2000people!

On New year’s Eve 2006, this event would host over 7500 people with Roma as DJ resident.

In a cultural metropolis like Antwerp, fantastic performan-ces don’t go by unnoticed… Fashion event “CosÌ CosÌ”, Eccentric and hairstylist “De Cliént” starred Roma to offer clients an unforgettable afternoon with wicked sounds. Besides, Roma has often been asked to turn fashion stores into clubs during busy shopping weekends. His credibility allowed him to start his own concept called “CAFEINA”!

Once a month, he transforms the Antwerp city nightlife into an attractive concept partying town. Entertainer, Music Machine at the age of only 35 Roma has already been a DJ name for 15 years Transforming his up to the nation’s favorite entertainer DJ!

The ‘No Nonsense’ music style he plays is notjust an ordinary DJ set, it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a deliberate choice. Roma is an independent uprising DJ entertainer in Antwerp!